Unique light art object in form of a floor lamp, consisting of a mirror reflector and a rotating color prism.

The luminous intensity of the built-in LED strip with opal diffuser and the rotation of the color prism (1 rpm) are both adjustable via remote control.

The rotating color prism can be quickly replaced with one manual operation with a color prism from the series:

• BASIC decorated with 3 basic colours
• CUBIC decorated with geometrical forms
• SPECIALS decorated with stripes
DO-IT-YOURSELF undecorated prisms are also available.

The floor lamp, depending on the selected prism, can be used for interior lighting, as an art object or as a tool for chromotherapy.

All components are assembled before shipment, to release the buyer from any additional assembly work.


Base Ø 380mm in 20 mm Plexacryl, in two elements (for easier packaging and transport). Glued black felt pad.
Integrated in the socket: rotating motor, transformer, radio modules

Reflector made of panels in Plexacryl, 6 mm; outside: black, inside: mirror, top cover in Plexacryl 20mm, black, glued with the reflecting sidewalls 240mm.

Prism in transparent Plexacryl, 3 mm, equilateral triangle shape with 130mm sides

Base and lid with glued black Plexacryl plates 5 mm, and additionally for each a hexagonal plate in Plexacryl 3mm, black

Decoration with ORACAL transparent adhesive film


Total height 1,978 mm, total weight 16 kg.
Voltage 230 VAC, 50Hz

2-year warranty for rotary motor, transformer, dimmer, stop-and-go mechanism and remote control.

The lamp is CE certified and registered DM/099 141

Individually decorated prisms (DIY/Do It Yourself) may be published, subject to permission from the customer,
on our website

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